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This Tutorial was written by me, Gems, 
on April 1st 2013

Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

My tutorials are registered with Twinc

I am using the wonderful art of PinUp Toons
You need a licence to use this work, which you can purchase through

this was written in PSPX and
assumes you have a good understanding. 

GemsMasks #228 by Me!
ok off we go!!
Frame from the Fantastic Urban Fairytales HERE
 Open up a new transparent image 600wx400 h 
Choose and open a tube you like and pick a light colour from it,
using your colour dipper tool
Flood fill your canvas with the colour 
Open up the mask and minimise
go to layers-new mask layer-from image
find my mask 220
source luminance only selected
apply mask.
layers merge-merge group.
On the mask layer
go to effects, textured effects, fine Leather and apply these settings
or experiment and use some of your own.

Open up the frame 'UFRedwhite' and paste as a new layer,
Place in the centre of the canvas.
add a small drop shadow I used 1-1-35-5
Go back to your tube, making sure you are not on the original,
go to image, rotate right
adjust, sharpness, sharpen.
Edit, copy.
Back to your main canvas
Use your selection tool to draw around the frame
make sure your mask layer is active
Past your tube as a new layer onto your frame
selections, invert delete
select none.
Hide your mask layer
make your frame layer active in your layer palette
layers,merge,merge visible
you should have 2 layers
the tube and frame layer and the masked layer.
Duplicate the tube layer
On the bottom of the duplicate layers go to
effects, blur, gaussian blur and apply the blur for 10.00
stay on that layer
and apply the default settings
still on that same layer
effects, lotus mosiac effects,daisy
apply default settings
Open up your tube again, copy and paste as a new image, close the original
resize it so that it will sit nicely in the foreground of your tag.
Paste as a new layer on your main canvas.
Add the text,Make sure its your top layer.
I typed 'Better the Devil you know'
Use your pick tool to angle and re-size if you need/want to.
remember to adjust sharpness, sharpen
after each time you move or angle an image.
effects,eye candy gradient glow,
colour white,
apply these setting
Add your licence info and your name.
Make your masked layer active
use your pick tool to flatten your mask away from the edge,
top and bottom of your frame
so not so much of it is seen from behind the main tag image.
Once happy
Layers, merge, merge visible.
Save as a PNG and your done.

Hope you enjoyed this little tut,
Any problems just shout

Hugs Gemsxx

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